Video Projection Tool

The Video Projection Tool ( is a video projection software tool which allows you to customise your video onto an object in real-time. If I had known about this software before my “Resurgence” exhibition I think the artwork would’ve been a successful piece. However we all learn by trial and error.

Today I’ve been experimenting with VPT onto two cubic shapes. The videos that are projected onto the cubes are an animation of arbitrary symbols. This projection is accomplished by using only one projector, two videos are in one composition and are easy to manipulate in real-time by adjusting scale, perspective and distortion.

VPT also has an option to blend in edges which can become noticeable around the perimeters of each video, this selection allows you to clean up the jagged edges. Heavy appearances of pixels can occur when (in my case) the projector is suspended from the wall. So it’s on a slight slanted angle. The further the image has to reach the object the more distorted it can appear. The only solution is to have the projector mounted directly above the cubes. So looks like I’ll be back in the workshop creating a projector box.




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